St. pauli stadion. Welcome to St Pauli and Astra Bier: A football special

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  • Frankie A unique theatre for the game, it packs plenty of voice as players walk out onto the pitch with Hell's Bells ringing around the stadium. Win, lose or draw, there will always be a St Pauli to support.
  • Darrin With the first phase of the redevelopment completed, the club also ensure that the club fulfilled the ground grading requirements for a licence from the , including the installation of under-soil heating. With the new Gegengerade completed, the capacity of the Millerntor-Stadion rose to 29,063 at the beginning of 2013.
Matt Never Mind the Bollocks, here's the FC St. Pauli!
  • Angela The station is directly in front of the terminals and reached by escalators. With graffiti at every turn, it is a symbol of acceptance and creativity.
Devin Bundesliga
  • Raymond But now the beer is back, and with its new logo, and close association with the football team, its achieved cult status amongst the many beer drinkers, of not just Germany, but further afield. There are six ferry lines serving the harbour and the River Elbe.
Ferdinand St. Pauli bunker
  • Danial Far side started in January 2012 with the building of a new subway under the. Luckily though, true fans and ultras are still the majority, and the atmosphere at the Millerntor stadium is still very enjoyable.
Aubrey Never Mind the Bollocks, here's the FC St. Pauli!
  • Dominick Through the local dockyard losing workers and the district falling into dereliction, squatters, artists, anarchists, prostitutes, students, punks and other alternative types all flocked into the district to fill the void.
  • Dominique The Millerntor-Stadion has undergone numerous modifications over the years, the biggest change was the construction of a temporary seating area above the Back straight, allowing the promotion into the 1988. But the soul of the club is still intact with some of the alternative fans from the Eighties now running the club and occupying senior positions on the board.
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  • Gordon After all, it's the little things that St.
  • Romeo Pauli have more season ticket holders than many Bundesliga teams, proving that fans can be loyal if their wishes are respected, even when the team is not a success on the pitch. Dedication The club has also taken the step to incorporate a set of Fundamental Principles Leitlinien to decree how the club is to be run.
Donna St. Pauli
  • Alexis Joukkue on ottanut pääkallot ja merirosvot aiheekseen, joita se painattaa paitoihinsa ja muihin fanituotteisiinsa.
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  • Terry The emblem first appearing after a few squatters from the docks brought it onto the terraces.
Devin Never Mind the Bollocks, here's the FC St. Pauli!
  • Brock The identity of the area and that of the club have become intertwined to such an extent that having one without the other is now unthinkable.
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  • Guy A stadium of symmetry it has undergone a restructure though very much retains a human touch. Tällöin kuitenkin rakas arkkivihollinen oli parempi.
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  • Rogelio The final phase of the planned redevelopment program is the North stand.
  • Jan You can support the creation of alternative travel content by becoming a patron. Pauli there are approximately three minutes walk to the Millerntorplatz Stadium.
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  • Carl However, their fans are known for their solidarity and a friendly query might just get you invited into the hottest party in German football. Kausi 1993—1994 oli seuralta hyvä, mutta loppukauden tappiot laskivat lopulta sijoituksen jälleen kerran neljänneksi.