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Wilburn CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Johann Adam Schall von Bell
  • Gregory Father Schall appreciated still more the gift of a new house and a church for the building of which the emperor gave a thousand crowns.
Barney Johann Adam Schall von Bell
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Quinton Johann Adam Schall Von Bell
  • Blake Verbiest was made director of the bureau of astronomy.
  • Jefferey That the mission might be ready for the official appeal which would come sooner or later he repeatedly urged the general of the to send a good , and in 1606 Father Sabbatino de Ursis, a , arrived. From 1545 he held the post of vice commander Hauskomtur in and in 1551 he became commander of Marienburg.
Francis Johann Adam Schall von Bell
  • Nathaniel Schall had enjoyed considerable prestige during the last years of the Ming dynasty, but it was under the Ch'ing dynasty that he attained a preeminent position in the empire.
  • Sonny The avowal of these human weaknesses, doubtless exaggerated by the of the dying missionary, does not lessen our esteem for him. It was their duty to make known in advance the astronomical situation for the whole year, the days of new and full moons, movements of the sun with the dates of its entrance into each of the twenty-eight constellations forming the Chinese zodiac, the times of the solstices and equinoxes, and the beginnings of seasons, the positions and conjunctions of planets, finally, and especially, eclipses of the moon and the sun.
Edgardo Adam Schall von Bell
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  • Thaddeus Adam Schall von Bell Hostel For the great majority of resident students, the hostel is the first or only personal contact with any Catholic priests or religious. During his time in the imperial capital he also built a large church, known as the South Church, which was erected on the site of a church built before him by Matteo Ricci.
Ian Johann Adam Schall Von Bell
  • Lynn All the provinces of China were soon informed of the important commission of reforming the calendar which had been entrusted to the missionaries.
Frank Schall von Bell, Johann Adam — Brill
  • Jamel In fact, the cannons were not really used. Made by Beauvais Tapestry Manufactory; after designs by Guy-Louis Vernansal, French, Beauvais, about 1697 - 1705.
Kerry Ferdinand Verbiest
  • Chris Father Schall was over 70 years old, recovering from a paralyzing stroke, and had to be physically supported during a court hearing which dragged on for weeks. J German: 1591-1669 arrived at the harbor of Macao in 1619 but could not enter China because of strong reaction against all foreigners and in particular a recent decree against foreign teachers.
  • Johnnie He was a man of charm, energy, and self-confidence.
Anderson Johann Adam Schall Von Bell
  • Julian These rules were insufficient to prevent errors and sometimes serious faults, and, having no scientific principle, the Chinese astronomers were incapable of discovering the defects of their methods and calculations, far less correcting them.
  • Benjamin After the Livonian War began in 1558, he became the last Land Marshal or commander-in-chief of the Livonian Order.
Joel Schall von Bell, Johann Adam — Brill
  • Odell Schall von Bell had a stroke in prison. When they finally met, Ivan was enraged by von Bell's hostile and unforgiving answers, and ordered the immediate execution of the prisoners.
  • Wilson The task was far removed from his ordinary of the apostolate but it was one on which the future of the mission then depended. Four hundred years later almost to the day, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus spoke about him at the opening of an international symposium in his honor.
Mitchel Schall von Bell, Johann Adam
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  • Trinidad He laboured first at Si-ngan-fu in Shen-si. Besides his native German, he had a perfect mastery of Portuguese, as well as of both literary and vernacular Chinese.