Michael gartenschläger. Michael Gartenschläger Heldenehrung zu 40

Daniel Michael Gartenschläger: Ein Held im Kampf gegen Mauer und Stacheldraht
  • Delmer Trafo Verlag, Berlin 2002 , s.
  • Danny The former East German citizen, who lived in Hamburg after his free trial from the Brandenburg penitentiary, had succeeded a few weeks before a coup.
Casey Mahnmal Michael Gartenschläger
  • Oliver If the escapee was a fellow border guard, he could be shot immediately from any distance without prior warning.
Art Michael Gartenschläger : der Prozess ; mutmassliches DDR
  • Lenard The tactic is a tried and true one in such cases: It was an order, I had no other choice but to obey it. Far more people left the country after being granted official permits, by fleeing through third countries or by being.
  • Murray Others committed suicide, while a few were able to find wives and work on the eastern side of the border.
Damion Die Todesautomatik (8/8)
  • Vaughn Die Posten erwiderten das Feuer. One of the most spectacular was the in September 1979 of eight people from two families in a home-made hot-air balloon.
Douglas Last Berlin Wall Shooting Case Closes
  • Ed The Wall changed Berlin from being one of the easiest places to cross the border, from the East, to be one of the most difficult.
  • Zachary An der innerdeutschen Grenze baute er zwei Selbstschussanlagen ab und präsentierte sie der Öffentlichkeit.
Maxwell Brandenburg
  • Malcolm Michael Gartenschläger, born shortly before the end of the war, grew up in Strausberg near Berlin and died at the age of just 32 - not when he fled east to west, but when he tried to set a signal against the deadly border from the west. Als in Berlin der Mauerbau beginnt, sind Michael und seine Freunde entsetzt und beschließen, etwas dagegen zu tun.
Gail Michael Gartenschläger: Ein Held im Kampf gegen Mauer und Stacheldraht
  • Frederick Der Angeklagte Heckel wurde freigesprochen. The Rise and Fall of the German Democratic Republic, 1945—90.
Tracey Michael Gartenschläger Heldenehrung zu 40
  • Herman The judges said they could not rule out that the Stasi officer acted in self-defense as Mr. The very normal reactions of his youth gang led to a show trial that resulted in a lifelong sentence.
Raymundo Mahnmal Michael Gartenschläger
  • Brian The two sides commemorated their dead in significantly different ways. Some were sent straight to labour camps on charges of espionage.