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Troy Nine
  • Edgardo Those same rules apply for international matches.
  • Rocky Let's drive to Fairview and bowl a few frames. Die berechneten Ergebnisse werden je nach ausgewählter Darstellungsart mithilfe von Kegeln oder Scheiben grafisch dargestellt.
Stephen kegeln
  • Pablo Simultaneously offers the most sports - from tennis courts, volleyball and street- Balov field, table tennis through to skittles. Abby geht mit ihrer Kirchengruppe mittwochs immer kegeln.
Darwin Nine
  • Zachariah Abby goes bowling with her church group every Wednesday night.
Andrew Kegeln translation English
  • Noe For example, if the first bowler is only able to knock down seven pins, the second bowler must attempt to knock down the remaining two pins. This will continue until the remaining pins are knocked down or until the end of the frame.
  • Carmine League bowling consists of two teams bowling head-to-head for three games, with each nine-pin team having six bowlers. However, nine-pins remained popular in predominantly German communities like , and , until the introduction of fully automated pin-setting machinery in the 1950s caused most of them to make the change as well.
Melvin kegeln
  • Jackie There are no additional points for a ringer.
  • Lloyd Organizations like the Turner Club, Barbarossa, Bexar, Bulverde, Blanco, Bracken, Cibolo, Fischer, Freiheit, Germania the oldest club, organized in 1889 , Highland, Laubach, Marion, Martinez, Mission Valley, Solms, Spring Branch, and Zorn bowling clubs maintain the only active nine-pins leagues in the United States.
Pete Kegeln gehen
  • Damon If the players have knocked down the same number of pins, each gets 0,5 set points.
Gilbert Nine
  • Russel The calculated results are displayed graphically using Cones or Disks according to the display type that has been selected.
  • Kory If they have 2 set points each, the player with the higher total number of pins gets the team point.
Sydney Kegeln gehen
  • Louis The pin exactly in the center has a special purpose in nine-pin bowling.
Jessie kegeln
  • Augustus However, each bowler must roll two balls in each frame.
  • Andres The unofficial world record is the result of - 771 pins set up on February 8, 2020 in. A player who has more points on a lane gets one set point.