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  • Lionel Riesige fahrbare Bühnenkulissen, Gummiboote, gigantische Fässer, funkelnde Tetraeder-Helme, Tanzeinlagen par excellence und ganz viel Kindergeburtstag: Live-Shows von Deichkind sind das maximale Entertainment und pure Eskalation. First call the other fat guys in the business.
  • Bart Seit ihrer Genesis Ende der 90er-Jahre haben sich Deichkind kontinuierlich nach oben gebückt und zur ultimativen Live-Institution gemausert. Festival4Family Once a year the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt is transformed into a large play and adventure park for families.
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  • Vaughn With local news, event tips and reports on activities right on your doorstep.
  • Lyman At the largest covered family festival in the Rhine-Main area, visitors can expect a colourful show programme and many star guests. Die gleichnamige Hamburger Electropunk-Formation hat sich mit ihrem genialen Flow und schrillen Live-Shows in die Herzen der Fans gespielt.
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  • DuncanIn any case, to be more concrete: There are already start-ups in the areas of monster trucks, stage technology, visual design, monster light and extreme outfits.
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  • Troy Result: The colleagues come immediately! Musically it is about super pressure on the Omme. Wenn sich Irrsinn mit Hip-Hop paart, kommt ein Deichkind dabei heraus.
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  • Erick Mehr geht nicht — das ist Remmidemmi galore! Diese Aufnahmen werden innerhalb eines Jahres nach Ende der Tournee gelöscht — sofern sie nicht schon veröffentlicht worden sind. There will also be workshops, specialist lectures and a colourful supporting programme for the whole family.
  • Octavio In terms of content by the sum. Exhibitors from all over Germany present their products and services from the areas of building, living, leisure and enjoyment.
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  • Andrew In addition to many well-known places in Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden and the surrounding area, families can get to know lots of new things from the fields of leisure, culture, sport, shopping and gastronomy.
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  • Ronald And there is a new tour, there is a new record, then new videos.
  • Antone Local news, local sport The new free Internet newspaper for the Rhine Main area offers comprehensive information from your direct surrounding field around the clock.
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  • Guadalupe With the latest results and match reports from local sports, in football from the Hessenliga to the Kreisliga.
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